Knowledge into Action at Scale

Knowledge into Action at Scale

In this project we examine effective and cost-effective large-scale approaches to education about quality improvement, and to creating change through knowledge translation and exchange. This project supports existing work to upskill the health and social care workforce in Scotland and reaches beyond Scotland to a UK and international audience. 

Our Current Focus

The first course Compassionate Care: Getting it Right was launched on the 31st October 2016 and has been a collaboration across several organisations, including the University of Dundee, University of the West of Scotland, University of Stirling, Edinburgh Napier University, University of St Andrews, Queen Margaret University, NHS Fife, NHS Tayside, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and NHS Education Scotland.  


What's Been Happening

MOOC Evaluation

In addition to supporting in excess of 8,000 learners who registered for the Compassionate Care MOOC; we are also undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of the first iteration of the Compassionate Care MOOC.

This research is primarily concerned with participants' experience of learning in the MOOC and how this relates to course design and delivery. The project will also examine connections between learning and how knowledge is used in practice.

We aim to establish what works well for learners in a health-related MOOC and what could be improved to enhance learning experience and help the learners apply newly gained knowledge in real life.

Key People

 A dedicated research website has been developed:
Compassionate Care MOOC Research. 

We are expecting first reports on this project in spring/summer 2017.  To keep informed of this project – please register here!



As made available


All outputs from the KiAS workstream can be accessed here when made available