About Us

The Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre is funded to strengthen the evidence base for improving the quality of care sustainably and at scale.

Our programme of work will generate new knowledge to support improvement activities within health and social care; building capacity and capability through a cross-sectoral platform.

Our five research themes are:


Our ground breaking collaborative model brings together expertise in research, improvement and implementation science, practitioners from health and social care settings, policy makers, service users and volunteers.  

Our engagement and work-streams are supported by the knowledge generation from the research themes. Embedding evaluation within the implementation of the projects within the work-streams will inform the research themes and create new knowledge to support the delivery of improvements in health and social care.

Workstreams + Platform

Our current projects are active under two workstreams and a platform.

Our current research activities within the workstreams relate to:

  • Knowledge into Action at Scale – can large scale education approaches deliver effective and cost-efficient training to improve health and social care?
  • Maternal and Child Health – implementation of evidence-into-practice to improve outcomes for babies and families in neonatal units.

Our ultimate goal is to inform action that will have a positive impact on four outcome domains:

Outcome Domains

SISCC works collaboratively to strengthen the evidence-base for delivery of large scale sustainable improvements in health and social care across Scotland. By promoting the measurement of outcomes through the lens of four domains, we hope to have a positive impact on care delivery in health and social care settings.


How We Are Funded

Launched in June 2015; the Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre is funded by a five-year £3.25 million grant from the Scottish Funding Council, Chief Scientist’s Office, NHS Education for Scotland and the Health Foundation; with substantial additional investments from partner organisations.  

An additional Health Foundation grant was awarded to deliver knowledge into action at scale programmes and evaluation.

Scottish Funding Council

Chief Scientist Office

NHS Education for Scotland

The Health Foundation