Work Programme

SISCC Logic Model

The SISCC logic model below, demonstrates the progress that has been achieved at the end of Year 2 (August 2016) against the short, medium and long-term outcomes agreed when established.  

Year 2 progress against logic model (paler components not yet achieved)


Year 3-5 Work Programme (2016-19)

The SISCC Year 3-5 work programme, is an overview of goals achieved, ongoing work and new projects that are currently being considered.   The aim over the next six months is to work with stakeholders and engage with them to refine our priority projects; based on the following criteria:

  • policy priorities;
  • strong evidence-base;
  • readiness for changes;
  • contributes to the evidence-base for large scale sustained change;
  • potential for positive impact on the SISCC outcome domains.

Draft SISCC work programme for Years 3-5

For more information about the work plan please contact Dr Nicola Gray