Paul Gray

Paul Gray

Paul Gray is Director-General Health and Social Care and Chief Executive of NHS Scotland. Prior to this, he was Director General Rural Affairs, Environment and Services at the Scottish Government in July 2009 and DG Governance & Communitites in December 2010.

His previous post, up to July 2009, was as the Scottish Government's Director of Change and Corporate Servies, with responsibility for senior staff development and deployment; human resources; information systems and services; accommodation and estates services; corporate learning; employee engagement; and the Scottish Government's business improvement and change programmes.

Before that, he was Director of Primary and Community Care - having joined Health in October 2005. His responsibilities included Primary Care, Community Care, Care of Older People, Adults at Risk, Dental Services, Pharmaceutical services and General Medical Services. He held the role of Director of eHealth simultaneously.

Prior to that he was the Director for Social Justice, covering Social Inclusion, Equalities and Voluntary Issues, from October 2003, and before that, he was the Director of Information and Communications Technology.

His career has covered such diverse areas as Criminal Injuries Compensation, fisheries quota management and licensing, and work with Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education.