Seminar Series 2019

Autumn-Winter Seminar Series 2019

As part of the University of Dundee’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences Autumn-Winter Seminar Series, the Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre held a series of lunchtime seminars to promote and share the lessons from a wide range of improvement research projects. 

The outputs from the Seminars covered a wide range of subject matters and settings – providing valuable insights into our understanding about how to improve the way health and social care services are delivered.

The projects covered a range of clinical and social care settings and provided examples of new approaches to managing osteoarthritis within primary care and supporting pregnant women to priorities health behaviour choices.  Two of the seminars explored policy implementation within the context of children and young people’s services delivered by AHPs and the challenges of embedding co-production within the integration landscape in Scotland.   Also featured was a seminar given by visiting Professors le May & Gabbay from the University of Southampton on the role of ‘mindlines’ in research implementation – as part of the Integration Research & Improvement project.   

To access the presentations and find out more about the projects – please click below.