Sub-Awards Reporting

SISCC Sub-Awards

The SISCC 2018/19 Work Programme includes a range of projects complimenting SISCC's funding objectives. 

The aim of these research projects is to accelerate learning to improve health and social care services in Scotland. 

Sub-Award Reports

Reporting timelines

All Sub-Awards are expected to report on progress, in line with the SISCC funding reporting requirements:

  • Project Commencement Report - within one month of the Sub-Award letter;
  • Quarterly Report - submitted by 15th November, 15th February, 15th May, 15th August;
  • Final Sub-Award Report - within one month of project completion.

All reports should be sent to the SISCC mailbox.

If you have any queries about the reporting process please contact Dr Nicola Gray, Associate Director (Programmes & Evaluation) on 01382 388527.