Funding objectives

Prioritisation criteria

  • Strengthen the evidence base for improving quality of care, and delivering better quality outcomes including staff and service user experience.
  • Disseminate the improvement science knowledge base to practitioners and decision-makers.
  • Facilitate translation of improvement knowledge into improvement activity, practice and policy.
  • Build engagement, capacity and capability across a network of researchers, practitioners and policymakers, helping to create, disseminate and apply improvement knowledge, to support widespread improvement in Scotland's health and care.
  • Define new approaches to improvement methodology including data analysis.
  • Evidence the changes in and impact of the improvements in quality of care delivered by the project.
  • Addresses SISCC funding objectives
  • Builds on existing work/evidence-base
  • Demonstrates principle of co-creation
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration across SISCC
  • Addresses a health and social care priority - long-term policy driver/need
  • Potential to strengthen and sustain SISCC
  • Strengthening the evidence-base around the delivery of large-scale sustainable change
  • Utilisation of output by health and social care practitioners (translation potential)

Submit your detailed proposal

As a follow-up to your initial project submission, please fill out this more detailed application form below, paying particular attention to explaining how your project meets the SISCC funding objectives and prioritisation criteria listed above. Once received by the SISCC Executive Group, your proposal will be reviewed against these criteria and we will respond to advise you about the progress of your application. Thank you for your interest in working with SISCC.

If you have any queries about this process please contact Dr Nicola Gray, Associate Director (Programmes & Evaluation)  or Julie Anderson, Associate Director (Partnerships & Engagement) on 01382 388527.

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  • Name(s) & organisation(s)
  • Project Details

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  • Please outline the problem/question to be addressed.
  • Policy / sector context
  • Methods & approach. Who, where, when and how – how to address the aim.
  • Staff time, input, in-kind contributions & resources.
  • What are the anticipated outputs – health and social care practice / academic / improvement community
  • SISCC Criteria

    Please demonstrate how the proposal meets the criteria.