Behaviour Change


New clinical evidence, technologies and interventions continue to be developed, promising to improve the health and wellbeing of populations. Yet these developments don’t guarantee implementation, or reliable use.  Individual, organisational and professional factors and interactions all shape improvement activity and to deliver sustained improvement at scale behaviour changes are required in both individuals and groups.    

Behaviour change techniques can be used with individuals and within groups or organisations (e.g. wards, multidisciplinary teams, care homes) but it is unclear at present which approaches are most effective to support improvement and implementation work.

Research Theme Aims

The SISCC Behaviour Change research theme addresses ways to facilitate behaviour change to support improvement activities within health and social care settings and aims to:

  • understand barriers and facilitators to achieve affordable and sustainable behaviour change among patients, carers, the public, and multi-professional groups;
  • increase the evidence-base on how behaviour change supports large scale sustainable change;
  • understand how users and carers can be involved in helping to support professional behaviour change;
  • develop effective, affordable and sustainable strategies that facilitate behaviour change among groups of staff, patients, carers, and the public, and develop novel interventions to support the improvement work within the SISCC workstreams.

Our Current Focus

Building the evidence base:

Developing the evidence base:

  • Protocol published of the review of interventions/outcomes to identify interventions that demonstrate sustainable behaviour change.
  • Overview of the effectiveness of motivational interviewing has been submitted for publication

Translating evidence into practice:  

  • Roll out of evidence based behaviour change interventions among health service staff - Workshop to explore the uses of motivational interviewing in health and social care settings, planned for early 2017.  
  • Development of novel interventions and strategies to have a sustainable impact on behaviour change; supporting the improvement and implementation projects across our work-streams.
  • Informing CPD for improvement staff who wish to extend their skills by applying evidence based behaviour change principles within their improvement projects.
  • The creation of educational modules and content for undergraduate QI courses and future elements of the MOOCs.

Key People


Outputs from the Behaviour Change research theme can be accessed on our publications page.