Capacity & Capability


Enhancing quality improvement capacity and capability across research and health and social care communities of practice, increases the opportunity of large-scale sustainable change.  

There is evidence within the higher education literature that students and early career professionals (ECPs) have the potential to initiate, lead and bring about change within organisations. However, there is little understanding about the best educational methods to help students and ECPs to become agents of change.

Research Theme Aims

The aim of the SISCC capacity and capability research theme is to evaluate the approach of developing students and ECPs, as agents of change.  This work has been undertaken through the University of Dundee’s Medical School with NHS Tayside, and in addition aims to inform roll-out across other disciplines and other universities.

The research aims to explore:

  • What are the barriers and facilitators to successful completion of improvement projects by students and ECPs?
  • In what ways might supervision of QI projects change clinical team culture?
  • In what ways might hosting QI projects facilitate organisational change?

Our Current Focus

We are currently evaluating the evidence gathered from our interviews and focus groups on students and ECPs experiences of participating in quality improvement projects. In this video, two students talk about their experience of doing improvement projects:

Key People


Outputs from the Capacity & Capability research theme can be accessed on our publications page.

In addition, the Academic Health Sciences Partnership (AHSP) supported the subscription to BMJ Quality. This has resulted in nine (to date) published papers in BMJ Quality Improvement Reports; available on the AHSP website.