Spread & Sustainability


Developing the evidence-base to understand how improvements last; is the aim behind this research theme.  New practices are influenced by a number of contextual, organisational, political and temporal factors.  Understanding what supports efforts to spread and deliver sustainable change, is a growing area of research vital to the delivery of improvements in health and social care.

Research Theme Aims

The aim of this research theme is to:

  • identify the attributes of effective spread and sustainability of evidence-based change in health and social care;
  • test these in large-scale improvement projects with embedded evaluation;
  • develop an evidence-base to support sustainable change at scale.

Our Current Focus

Co-creating a theory of large-scale, sustained change

This work has involved collaboration with three improvement organisations to co-create a theory that explains the individual, organisational and contextual factors for achieving sustainability and scale.

Innovation – identifying steps to transformative change

Exploring cultures of transformative innovation in health and social care in Scotland

Key People


Outputs from the Spread & Sustainability research theme can be accessed on our publications page.