SISCC is focussed on strengthening the evidence base on how large scale and sustained change, which improves outcomes, can be achieved and replicated in different contexts. Embedded evaluation is one of our core principles and has been a SISCC focus from inception.

Our Current Focus

Going into our third year (2016/17) and beyond we are developing large-scale improvement projects with embedded evaluation across a range of contexts, with the aim of improving outcomes across all of our four outcome domains.

SISCC Core Principles



Improvement and implementation science are relatively new fields of research, particularly in health and social care. This increases the challenge of identifying effective ways of achieving sustained change since the thinking and the evidence base is still being developed. Evaluation of improvement interventions across health and social care is particularly challenging not least because of the complexity of the context within which that care is delivered.

There are many models, frameworks and theories which aid in describing, understanding, explaining, categorising and evaluating changes in different settings and there are many commonalities. However, there is no one size fits all or gold standard approach, and all current evidence suggests that one is unlikely to emerge.  One of the challenges for SISCC is to understand how and when different approaches might usefully be employed and how they might be enhanced and developed further.  

What's Been Happening

Work across the SISCC research themes informs the implementation and evaluation of our improvement projects and all of our work has been planned to overlap and synergise as all components are needed to inform and deliver effective sustainable change at scale and pace.  

We have drawn on expertise across multiple academic disciplines, and from the experience of those with direct experience of delivering improvement activity in health and social care. In all of our methods work we work with practitioners and public stakeholders. Our focus has been on synthesising current approaches to improvement and implementation science and on developing the methods, theories, instruments and measures needed to design, test and evaluate large-scale change.

Key People


Outputs linked to evaluation can be found on our publications page.

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