Transformative Innovation

As part of the Spread and Sustainability research theme; we are developing work to assess the impact of transformative innovation in the improvement of social care services and the impact on health and wellbeing.  This work is supported by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute and the Health Foundation.  

A series of workshops has been facilitated by the International Futures Forum, as part of a knowledge exchange programme called Understanding, Forming and Fostering a Culture of Transformative Innovation in Health and Social Care.  

The summary reports can be accessed here:

June 2016

August 2016


Professor Huw Davies from St Andrews University, presented the work exploring Transformative Innovation in Health and Social Care at the Scotland’s Futures Forum at the Scottish Parliment in November 2016.  The presentation below summaries the output of the Workshops carried out over the Summer of 2016.

This work was undertaken as part of a wider project funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute.  A summary paper of the five projects has now been published which draws together some of the findings under a number of cross-cutting themes.  

The videos from the workshop in November are available on the Scottish Universities Insight Institute website.

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